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Monday, March 18, 2013

Custom Cards on Demand (any machine you want)

I've created cards for the machines that I was most interested in doing.

The issue is that there are many requests for for all sorts of different games - many of which are not very popular and so I'm not usually inclined to do them. The cards I do are the ones where the machine particularly inspires me more and/or the most popular machines because that way they get shared the most.

Many guys tell me they want cards for a certain game, but I know the demand isn't high and it's hard to put in the time and creativity if I know they will only be downloaded a fraction as often as something like JP or TAF. (TAF has 1,000 downloads)

Now I have a new solution if you want to take me up on it...

If you have seen my site or posts recently, you may know that for a $6 donation to my favorite charity (Best Friends Animal Society) I now print and mail cards if you need me to (see right column) - SO, since that warms my heart to be able to help them, I'll now go a step further and will create new cards for any machine you want for a $20 donation to them (http://bestfriends.org/). A couple of guys have already done this and I think it's a cool solution. I do cards that I wouldn't have created otherwise, and I get to donate another $20 to BestFriends.

I will do them chronologically (first come, first served).

Just send me an email to get started.